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Fix Money - We Fix Now Money Review

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Fix Money - We Fix Now Money Review


A We Fix Now Money Review is simply an explanation of what can occur when utilizing a company like this. This company, We Fix Now Money, is a payday loan company. They claim to have access to over 100 lenders who will shop your loan for you if you need money. They claim that you really don’t need credit, or any credit to obtain a loan for you almost instantly or within 24 hours.

The advertising is all very positive and upbeat and is focused upon getting the customer to call them and get set up for a loan. They are all over the internet and market quite a bit through the use of email.

While this type of loan is not illegal at all, it does pay to really read the fine print. First of all, the typical person who would use this type of loan is probably in some stage of disparate otherwise they could easily stop in at their local bank and get a loan. The person’s credit is probably shot and he needs extra money yesterday.

Several things are not made very clear to the borrower in these types of loans. The interest rates are horrible, ranging in the 60 to 90 percent range per year. For example, one instance with a similar type company charges $120 extra for a $400 loan at payback. This is not to single out this particular company in the We Fix Now Money review, but the borrower should ask very specific questions about this before signing on the bottom line.

The requirements for obtaining such loans, a person usually must have a steady job and a checking account. The reason for the checking account is so that the loan company can debit the account at due date for the amount borrowed plus the interest. Here is the real problem in many cases. If the person does not have the money to repay the loan when the debit hit the checking account, additional banking fees are added to the mix.

A person should never participate in these types of loans unless they are sure that they will have the money to pay back the loan plus interest at the specified time of repayment. Repayment dates will usually range from 30 days or several months to a year on an installment basis. Always be sure to understand what is actually going to happen before a commitment is made.

A We Fix Now Money Review is intended to illustrate how this process works not only with this company specifically, but with similar companies. If a person completely understands what is involved in the process, and has no other source for immediate funds on a short term basis, and has the wherewithal to repay the funds plus interest at the payback date, then this method will work. If any of these items are omitted then the situation can turn very negative in a hurry.

Fix Money - We Fix Now Money Review Sometimes it is better to obtain short term money from a family member or even a pawn shop rather than turn to these types of companies in desperation.

Date: 2013 Jul 08

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What Situations Might Payday Loans Help With?

I'm sure you have seen the commercials on television, heard them on the radio, or just driven by a storefront. Payday loan operations advertise in bright shiny colors that they will help you with cash until payday. But where some of the real-life situations in which it would actually be helpful to avail yourself of one of these payday loans? Read next fix loans

A Simple Application Process

The process for applying for a payday loan is quite simple and the loan decision will happen fast. Many payday loan providers will make use of years of industry experience to qualify customers and help them to receive the cash that they so desperately need. When you are applying for a payday loan you will need to provide your name, birth date, address, bank account information, and information regarding your employment. The application should only take you several minutes.